I Surrender All

[Verse 1]

All to Jesus I surrender

All to him I freely give

I will ever love and trust him

In his presence daily live



I surrender all, I surrender all

All to thee, my blessed Savior

I surrender all


[Verse 2] 

All to Jesus I surrender

Humbly at his feet I bow

Worldly pleasures all forsaken

Take me, Jesus, take me now


[Verse 3] 

All to Jesus I surrender

Lord, I give myself to thee

Fill me with thy love and power

Let thy blessing fall on me




Oh the joy of full salvation

Sin and death defeated

Glory to His name {repeat}


I Surrender All (c&s) (D)

I Surrender All (c&s) (G)

Copyrights: Words: Public Domain/Music: 2013 It's All About Jesus Music/We Are Younger We Are Faster Music