Christ Be All Around Me

[Verse 1]

As I rise, strength of God

Go before me, lift me up

As I wake, eyes of God

Look upon, be my sight


[Verse 2]

As I wait, heart of God

Satisfy and sustain

As I hear, voice of God

Lead me on, be my guide

Be my guide



Above and below me

Before and behind me

In every eye that sees me

Christ be all around me 


[Verse 3]

As I go, hand of God

My defense, by my side

As I rest, breath of God

Fall upon, bring me peace

Bring me peace



Your life, Your death

Your blood was shed

For every moment

Every moment


Chord Chart in 'D'

Copyrights:  2014 Jack Mooring Music, Meaux Jeaux Music, Meaux Mercy, The Devil Is A Liar! Publishing, Integrity's Alleluia! Music, Integrity's Praise! Music