Verse 1Innocence has Died, In the Garden where it lied Our hearts are broken, Separate from our home

Verse 2 We tried to find our way back Through the garden gate But lost we are and Lost we would remain

PreChorus But You made a way Through Your dying day You built a bridge to Bring us home to You

Chorus Your love has spared us From the damage we have done You have repaired us with grace That knows no bounds You found us helpless, Now we are changing by Your ways You leave us breathless, Chasing after us all of our days

Verse 3 At the ends of Earth we live, With all we have to give We bow down to kings That cannot offer freedom

Bridge You’ve named our hearts, And we are found in You All that we are, oh we give it all, Oh Lord we give it all back to You (because)

Chord Chart (A)