Band AudItions

If you love Jesus, Apex, and playing music, we'd love to meet you! Below you can learn about the Apex bands, what we value, and how we function. If that resounds with you, click the link at the bottom to fill out the application.


Above all, we value the Good News of the Gospel. Everything we do centers around a holy God, a broken people, redemption through Jesus, and the response of worship & mission. In fact, that is the liturgy we follow each weekend. With this as our highest value, it requires us to find team members who love and follow Jesus as well so that we can, together, convey this Good News in our serving. If you are a follower of Jesus, please continue on through this page. If you are not sure if you could call yourself a follower of Jesus, instead of reading further just hit the "contact" link above and we would love to talk with you further about this Good News we speak of. 


Our bands are both a product of community and an environment for community. We are looking for people who are involved in Apex, specifically within a house church. The reason we say this is because we find that worship leaders who lead FROM community are far more effective than those who lead AT a community. We know that, as artists, our tendencies could lead us to isolation or a desire for acclaim. But, when we have people who know us fully and speak into our lives, we are able to approach our roles more as servants and not performers. This is also why we have multiple small teams instead of 1 large team - because the better we know and love each other, the better we are able to lead together. New team members are placed on a band that serves 1 full weekend each month. This includes a Thursday rehearsal as well as all gatherings that weekend. 


Simply put, we are looking for people who want to serve the church...not perform for them. When we see ourselves as performers, then we see our talent as our primary offering and a smooth performance as our success. But when we see ourselves as servants, then we realize that WE are the offering (Rom 12:1-2). We are able to see our talent as part of the tools God has given us to love His church and bring Him glory. 


Along with seeing ourselves as servants, we also need to see that we have the privilege of being leaders. We stand on the same stage and communicate the very same principles as our preachers...we just get to do it with a soundtrack. Because of this, we ask all of our team members to remember that they are an influencer both on and off the stage. As leaders, we are held accountable to live lives that are consistent with the messages we sing. Whether we are leading worship within a gathering or having dinner with friends, we must remember that influence is a privilege and a responsibility. 


Talent is easy to hide behind. It can be a very effective smoke-screen. But to not only do something well, but show that you truly believe what it is that you're doing...that is a beautiful combination! One of the best parts about the family of God is that God welcomes us to come as we are. He won't leave us there...but He says that we can come and find a throne of grace waiting for us. When worship leaders strive to be genuine, avoiding superficiality and pretense, they allow themselves the opportunity to experience grace along with the family of sing WITH the family of God instead of just singing at them. 


If you've read this far, perhaps you are starting to think that we have a negative view of talent. That is not the reality...quite the opposite in fact. We celebrate the talents that God gives each of us and we believe it is our responsibility to invest in these talents. In 2 Samuel 24:24, David makes a statement about what kind of offerings He will give to the Lord - he says he will not offer to God that which cost him nothing. Similarly, we are looking for people who are willing to invest in their talent in order to please the Lord and better serve the church. This looks like personal practice time at home, learning new songs & techniques, learning & maintaining your equipment, and putting in the time it takes to master your craft. 


If you resound with all of this, then click the button below to apply. The application will take you roughly 10 minutes to finish. Once we receive your application, we'll send you info about audition times, what to expect, etc. 

Thanks again for considering! We really would love to meet you!