[Verse 1]

Nothing good could come from me

No good merit of my hands

Could satisfy a Holy God

or acquire righteousness

I was dead; a slave to sin

Captive to thy laws demands

But in love you sent your son

To take the place of this guilty man



Lord teach my heart to treasure

Your name above any other

Lord change my heart

And make yourself

My pleasure now and forever more


[Verse 2]

Thieves receive charity

Rebels find their rest in you

Free from guilt free from sin

Broken hearts are made brand new

Shout for joy you citizens

Sing all you sons of God

Once His enemy now we’re one with Him

We are the friends of God



My delight and portion

Forever you will be

Teach my heart to forfeit

It’s crowns at your feet


Chord Chart in E

© Words & Music by Apex Community