[Verse 1]

I will build my house

Whether storm or drought

On the rock that does not move

I will set my hope

In Your love O Lord

And Your faithfulness will prove



You are steadfast



[Verse 2]

By the word You spoke

All the starry host

Are called out by name each night

In Your watchful care

I will rest secure

As You lead us with Your light



You are steadfast



[Verse 3]

I will not trust

In the strength of kings

On Your promise I will stand

I will shout for joy

I will raise my voice

Hallelujah to the lamb



You are steadfast




In the moment of emptiness

All was fulfilled

In the hour of darkness

Your light was revealed

In the presence of death

Your life was affirmed

In the absence of holiness

You are still God



You are steadfast



Chord Chart in C


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