Come To Me

[Verse 1]

Weary burdened wanderer

There is rest for thee

At the feet of Jesus

In His love so free


[Verse 2]

Listen to His message

Words of life, forever blessed

Oh, thou heavy laden

Come to Me, come and rest



There is freedom taste and see

Hear the call, “Come to Me”

Run into His arms of grace

Your burden carried He will take


[Verse 3]

Bring Him all thy burdens

All thy guilt and sin

Mercy’s door is open

Rise up and enter in

Rise up and enter in


[Verse 4]

Jesus there is waiting

Patiently for thee

Hear Him gently calling

“Come, oh, come to Me”

“Come, oh, come to Me”

“Come, oh, come to Me”


Chord Chart in D

©2011 Village Church Written by Lizzie Akers, Jeff Capps, Michael Bleecker & Hunter Pecunia