Absent From Flesh

[Verse 1]

Absent from flesh

O blissful thought

What joy this moment brings

Freed from the blame

My sin has brought

From pain and death

And its sting


[Verse 2]

Absent from flesh

O Glorious day!

In one triumphant stroke

My reckoning paid

My charges dropped

And the bonds 'round

My hands are broke



I go where God and glory shine

To one eternal day

This failing body I now resign

For the angels point my way

The angels point my way


[Verse 3]

Absent from flesh!

Then rise, my soul

Where feet nor wings could climb

Beyond the sky

Ahere planets roll

And beyond all keep of time


Team 3 (Live)

Chord Chart in (B)

Chord Chart in (C#)

© Sojourn Community Church / written by Isaac Watts & Jamie Barnes